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If you’re looking for epic YA fantasy adventure, clean but intense romance, and deeply real characters, you’ve come to the right place.

For me, writing is a more than a passion. It’s a mission. I want to create epic, enthralling fantasies that don’t violate my faith– there’s such a startling lack of it on the market! My main focus isn’t to preach, though; it’s to write a really good story. If you’re looking for an epic YA fantasy adventure, clean but intense romance, and deeply real characters, let’s be friends.

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The Devo Blog

While most of my advice for writers gets published on MWW, my own blog is where I address the particular struggles and triumphs of authors from a biblical point of view. Whether you are a “Christian fiction” author, or simply a Christian writing fiction (like me!), these short explorations of scripture are meant to keep you (and me!) focused on what’s most important. They’re meant to help us navigate the tricky waters between realism and our convictions, between marketing ourselves and remaining bravely faithful to our Creator. 

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As a writer and a mom myself, I partner with this excellent nonprofit organization. MWW was founded to support mom-writers around the world. There, you can check out my articles on writing process, marketing and publishing, and how to balance it all with the demands of life.

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Chemical Free Gal

I am a proud supporter of the Chemical Free Gal’s mission to improve the lives of the mold-affected and chronically ill. She is a wellspring of critical information for those looking to mitigate or prevent the crippling damage of environmental toxins. She is also a powerful advocate for the invisibly sick. In the future, she hopes to release thorough guides on the science and use of natural remedies. Also planned are wellness journals and safe haven trackers for those with extreme environmental sensitivities. In the meantime, educate and encourage yourself through the wealth of resources she provides on her website and Facebook page.

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Beta Reader Reviews

What Advance readers have to say about FORBIDDEN:
Marin B.

Marin B.

Beta Reader

I am a beta reader of the first book, and it is sooo good! It's a high fantasy novel with the feel of the Iron Fey series but set in an older time. The main character is a bad*ss woman who has to fight for her freedom, love, and the basic knowledge of who she is. 10/10 would recomend, and I can't wait for the next one!

MaryEllen A.

MaryEllen A.

Beta Reader

I Love the author and truly am enthralled by her book!!! I told my friend it is stupid dumb how good this book is... as enjoyable as Green Rider.

Insley S.

Insley S.

Beta Reader & Martial Arts Specialist

Absolutely riveting! Easy to follow and had me on the edge of my seat... I don't think I can wait for the next one!

Adventure Log & Devo Blog

Adventures in Fantasy. Adventures in Faith. Adventures IRL.

Adventure Log, Episode 1: The Grand Canyon

the sunset-colored chasms seem to dip and swell like chiseled waves. Leafy brush and evergreens cling impossibly to the sheer faces of plunging cliffsides. To look upwards from below is to be dizzied by the immensity of folded mountains, of nearly vertical rock walls weaving between each other in jutting contradictions. The Grand Canyon has a unique, wild, and dangerous beauty.

Honoring God with Your Fiction

As fantasy writers, we have a special privilege. We get past peoples’ walls, past their defense mechanisms. We can introduce our readers to concepts they would otherwise never entertain. Even if you’re not outright laying down the Gospel, you can illustrate facets of Jesus’ teachings.